Ranting About Web Development

Someone named Michael was clearly having a bad day and took it out on Medium:

At times, I think where web development is at this point is some cruel joke played on us by Ryan Dahl. You see, to get into why web development is so terrible, you have to start at Node.

I must admit that I am not a web developer or programmer of any kind except for making trigonometry and calculus problem solvers in True Basic on my TI-83 Plus graphic calculator back in high school. I say this to tell you that I only kind of understand what Michael is talking about in this piece.

But boy oh boy is it still a joy to read. There’s nothing quite so cathartic as observing someone else letting their frustrations out.

Of course everyone in the tech community has to rewrite all their interfaces in React now. If you love to get off to to tech stacks then you’ll love hearing from Netflix, Yahoo, Airbnb, Vimeo and Imgur. You know who didn’t give a flying fuck about React? Their customers. Good job Yahoo, you rewrote your shitty mail client in React. Your customers didn’t give a shit. They just want it to work. Oh Vimeo, you couldn’t display the view count on the video without bringing in React? I really appreciate that. My cpu does too. Imgur, really appreciate you bringing in React on a page.. to display a fucking image. I mean you can’t even make this up.

I’m glad I’m not a web developer!