An Introduction

Hi. My name is Jesse Jardim. I started this Minor Planet project at the end of 2015. I had hopes that it would be an outlet for me to link to and write about what I thought was interesting on the internet. I kept it anonymous because I work for Apple. I wasn't planning on leaking secrets (and never did), but I didn't want to worry about crossing a line with Apple's confidentiality policy. So I chose anonymity to solve that problem.

The past year turned out to be creatively paralyzing. It was the worst year of my life, personally, and probably the worst year in the collective life of my generation. Limiting myself with anonymity didn't help either. Constantly worrying about being identifiable via my writing was a major block. I'm hoping that Minor Planet can move forward to be my creative home on the internet. I constantly feel an urge to write and this is the place to do it. I already exist on the internet at my Instagram and Unprepared, the podcast I do with my friend Kevin.